Sunday, July 11, 2010

170 dead frogs per mile

We had a good shower here Friday evening - a guarantee to bring the frogs out. Saturday morning my wife and I went for a power walk. I counted 19 dead frogs in 200 yards along the gravel road in front of our home.

They were of a size - small - and all seemed to be young Green Frogs (Rana clamitans melanota). Precise identification was difficult, given the poor condition of the remains.

Most years we have good numbers of these guys - the adults are calling now, July 11, in the beaver pond behind the house

Some years they almost disappear from the pond. There are many ideas why this happens, including pollution and acid rain. I believe it's a function of how many otters we have living in the pond. Following a year when I see evidence of an otter family in the pond, the Green Frogs seem to be very scarce indeed.

These are colourful, large animals, second in size only to the Bullfrogs around here.

I have some fine stock photos of Green Frogs (and other species) available in my on line photo catalogue.

John T. Fowler