Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Quickly They Grow!

Day 1. Freshly hatched American Robins.

I discovered this year, by chance, a robin’s nest, just at eye level, in a lilac bush at the edge of my lawn.

The nest was quite exposed (not a very smart robin?) I was able, then, to catch the development of the young birds and photograph them without disturbing them in any way - other than a little psychological trauma to mother robin.

Day 3. Growing already.

I photographed the nest only briefly every other day to keep disturbance to a minimum, and kept careful watch over it all the time, to protect it from the marauding red squirrels who like nothing better than a feast of young songbird nestlings.

Day 5. Looking like robins already.

There was one close call but I happened to be nearby when the parent birds put up a ruckus to wake the dead, so I was able to drive the squirrel off (little gratitude received, btway.)

Day 7.

The rate of growth of the young birds was nothing short of phenomenal!
On the tenth day after hatching they were fully fledged and left the nest.
I was very happy to be able to photograph this development (using my new 300mm Nikon telephoto part of the time to keep a good distance from the nest).

Day 9. Not much room in the Inn now.

Day 11. Hello world. Are you ready?

A full set of the images are now available for downloading from my on line stock picture catalogue.