Monday, December 14, 2009

G#@***#!!! Life is not fair. (#1)

I've used Gillette products - razors, shaving cream - for many years. Gillette promised me comfort and a close, smooth shave.

Not to mention lots of pretty girls who'd lovingly caress my smooth skin day and night.

I have to admit the promise was kept. The girls are nice. 'specially the full-time one now in my life. And she really appreciates when I take time to shave.

Gillette always seemd to work for me, even when, 20 years ago at age 58, I bought a shiny new English sports car. It didn't seem to make much change to my social life. (It's under cover now for the winter, just waiting for spring.)

But Gillette was keeping its promise.

So Tiger went with the Gillette promise. Certainly seemed to work for him. He got lots of pretty girls. Gillette must have been pleased. Until everyone found out.

Now they don't want anything to do with him. Seems to me they should be really proud their products work so well.

Ah well. Who ever said life was fair?

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  1. What a fool I am, all these years I've been shaving with a Wilkinson!