Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Global Warming Scam is Exposed

Most of my working (and retired) life, I've worked with scientists. In the early days I had the highest respect for these folks - honest, dedicated, responsible.

For a while now, however, I've been much disappointed, because of what I knew in my heart was a great scam - global warming.

It just is not true.

Now, at last, it has been exposed for what it is - the greatest scandal in modern science. The lies, deceit, conspiracy and collusion are nicely exposed by a couple of hackers who broke into the University of East Englia Climate Research Unit records. The foul mess they turned up is well summed up by journalist James Delingpole:


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  1. The data presented was selective, similar to what other climate change deniers presented. No surprise, considering that JD is an opinionated tool who is clearly not open to hearing arguments that oppose his own views. He is a blogger who does not deserve to be called a journalist.

    If AGW is indeed a scandal, as you propose, then I'd like to ask what would be the motive of those scientists to push such a lie?

    I suppose if it was all a lie, then there's one less reason to stop raping the North American natural landscape for cheap carbon deposits, such as coal mining via mountaintop removal in the Appalachians and oil extraction from the tar sands in the Canadian midwest.