Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Times They Are A_Changin

I'm surprised how early the "summer birds" leave for the south. All the summer Grosbeaks left over the weeked. Not a sign of any left.

The "winter birds" have started to return. The Chicadees pulled out early in May - obviously to move into the depths of the Grove to nest. This morning there are at least two of them back at the feeders. No Purple Finches or Goldfinches yet.

ALSO - a Black-And-White Warbler is hanging around. I doubt he'll go to a feeder, even the suet feeder, but he does seem to like company.

We're learning lots of new things by keeping that suet feeder filled all summer.

And, BTWay, the female Pileated Woodpecker also showed up yesterday. There's been no sign of either of them for a good many weeks - obviously off into the Grove for nesting. There was a report in the local papers a while back about an adult Pileated coming to a feeder with a young offspring. No such luck here. But hope springs eternal.

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