Friday, August 7, 2009

Holes and Skunks and Many Wasps

Yesterday our English Setter was very interested in a patch of bare ground in the centre of the lawn. Looked like the fresh den of some animal - about 6" in diameter.

It turned out to be a hole a foor or so deep that had obviously been dug by a skunk. It was full of wasps (as yet unidentified, but likely yellowjackets). The excavated soil still had a few wasp larvae laying around and the wasp colony seemed intent on protecting the few larvae that were left.

We've always had skunks digging up the lawn in summer and I've been reluctant to trap them. Wheeew!!

But rabies is always a concern, of course - as well as the dog. She loves to chase rabbits. And skunks don't chase very well.

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